An Essential Guide to Charging Your Crystal Toys

Photo: Deborah Lee

Do you ever notice that after some time with it, your crystal isn’t delivering the energetic support you seek? Have you felt that recently you just aren’t drawn to use your yoni egg or crystal wand? When it is apparent that your practice could use a little extra something, set aside time to cleanse and charge your crystal toy.

How often you do this is really up to you and the frequency of your practice. As our crystal toys radiate positive energy into our lives, they also hold onto the energy they receive - both positive and negative. When not cleared, these energies can keep the stone from vibrating at its fullest potential. Those with a Moon Wand or Black Obsidian Egg will want to cleanse their crystal more often - it cannot protect from negative energy when already filled with its vibrations!

When preparing to cleanse and charge your crystal, set an intention. A great one to begin with is: I am letting go of what no longer serves me to create space for what awaits. Support this intention with your environment using incense, vibrational music, or Ritual Oil. Remain mindful of your intention with your stone now as you would during any other practice you maintain with it. Then, choose the cleansing method that speaks to your heart.

Salt Water Bath:
Fill a glass bowl with water warm enough for a pinch of pink salt to dissolve in, and place it in a location that will remain undisturbed for the duration of the bath. Gently place your wand or egg in the bowl and allow it to sit anywhere from overnight to twenty-four hours.

The light of the full moon has been thought to both clear and charge crystals. For this light bath, place your stone on a windowsill that will receive the light of the full moon. Allow it to remain there overnight, removing it before the high sun of day arrives.

Sage Smudge:
Sage has been historically used to cleanse energy that is held by objects, people, and places. Utilizing proper fire safety, light your smudge stick and hold your stone about twelve inches above its embers. Turn the stone over in your hand until you feel the smoke has cleared its energy.

Earth Energy:
This method brings you and your crystal outside unless you keep indoor plants. Set your stone at the base of a flowering plant. Its earthy energy and life will infuse into your crystal, preparing the stone for another session with you. Let it remain here overnight, removing it before the high sun of day.

When you feel that your stone is ready to be worked with again, run it under warm water and return it to the safe space you keep it in with love in your heart. Enjoy the fresh, bursting energy of your stone!

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