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My Transformative Wand Experience

Posted by Sierra Taye on
My Transformative Wand Experience

Until recent months I had only loved myself through the veil of my clothing. I never let my body lay proudly nude or allowed my fingers to slide between my legs and touch my own skin. Such contact didn't seem necessary because my sexuality felt like an obligation to be dealt with.

Sometimes though, when I read about other empowered women who had the confidence to love themselves, I felt an electric rush within my body. I felt intrigued as I read about certain feelings I wasn’t experiencing and all the places I wasn't allowing myself to venture.

After the first time I laid with my Iris wand I cried happy and beautiful tears. My heart had been filled with so much loving energy that it just exploded. I could actually feel every breath I took, and for the first time, I truly felt the sensation of something inside of my yoni.

The wand's smooth texture, warm temperature, and weight demanded to be felt in a delicious way that pushed me over the edge. I hadn’t experienced any kind of orgasm based on internal stimulation before, but the effects of that earth-shattering release stayed with me for days afterward.

I could feel it in the sway of my hips when I walked. Shifting in my chair ( which was once mindless), suddenly brought my attention to my yoni. Sometimes a deep breath would bring me back to those moments with my wand.

Because of this, I made time each day to spend time with my wand. As I began to make my sexuality a priority, my mood was transformed and I was elated.

After sessions with my amethyst wand I felt lighter. My anxiety was less, my heart was open, and I was able to breathe deeper. This change is so monumental. I sometimes ache remembering how disconnected I was to myself and my sexuality.

But I also marvel at my sexual awakening and the growth within me. My yoni is awake. She is connecting with my awareness and now, I am listening to her.

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