The Beginner's Guide to a Yoni Egg Practice

Photo: Deborah Lee

Begin by checking in with your body. Find your breath and observe without interfering the pattern that it falls into. Place your yoni egg against your skin as you breathe… let it rest in the dip of your belly button and feel it's weight rise and fall with your breath, or place it beneath your back where it can warm to your temperature. Comfort is your friend here, and you have no need to rush.

Why is your egg with you today?

Ask yourself this ask you breathe, and allow that intention to fill your heart and mind until you feel you have focused that energy into the gemstone you have chosen. Keeping with your deep diaphragmatic breathing, press the top of your egg to the entrance of your yoni. With each breath you take, maintain gentle pressure and relax your yoni deeper - do not rush here. Your body will accept the egg without force when it is ready for penetration. Feel your body open to your egg and the intention it holds as it enters your yoni.

With your egg inside of you, bring awareness to the muscles within your yoni that are holding it there. On your inhale, draw your breath up from the base of your belly and as you do, try to hug the egg with your yoni. On your exhale, release the squeeze. If you cannot consciously feel these actions at the beginning of your yoni egg journey, it is normal. Without practice, these muscles tend to be outside of our control. With a yoni egg we begin to awaken these muscles and utilize them.

Do not fear that the egg will get lost inside you - your cervix will not allow the egg to go anywhere but out. If you're prepared to release your egg before you body is, you can help the process along. For ease, stand in the shower with one foot on the ledge, and while relaxing the entrance of your yoni, bear down gently. If this doesn't work, often a inserting a finger to place behind the egg to help guide it out will do the trick. Above all, remember to relax your body. Your egg and your practice with it is safe and on your terms. Enjoy every moment! 

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