The Yoni Egg User's Guide to Creating a Sacred Space

Your beautiful new yoni egg has arrived, and you bubble with excitement. In the back of your mind lurks apprehension. Where do you begin? One may suggest the journey with your egg begins before you ever hold it internally.

Our subconscious mind can read a room, and our body responds to what is perceived. A gentle way to begin your practice involves creating an environment in which your body can open itself and begin to trust invited touch fearlessly. For some, this may be lighting candles, setting tantric music to play, and dimming the artificial lights. For others, it can be allowing your heart to feel true happiness, and opening the blinds to allow the sun in, basking in its warmth on your skin. 

Invite your egg into your sacred space. If it is in your bed, place the egg under your pillow to allow its vibrations to work while you sleep. Perhaps place it on display on your nightstand, so you can remind yourself of its divine meaning each day. 

Infuse the positive energy of your sacred space into your egg. Hold it to your heart, and fill your mind with visions of what you wish to achieve on this journey together. Set your intention.

Allow yourself to begin to know your body and it's wants in this new sacred space. Try new things. Stop things that don't feel good - the moment that they don't feel good.  It is your space, and your time. Take what you need.

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