Empowered Women 008: Jessa

Jessa, who goes by The Nude Blogger on both her Instagram and her website, is as body-positive and empowering as you can imagine. She confidently posts beautiful photos of herself completely nude out with mother nature. She's a wildly free spirit, which is what makes her so unique and inspiring. Because we wanted to know, she created a blog with her story. And because we wanted to know more, she agreed on an interview with us.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I always make an effort to internalise upon waking up. It doesn't have to be a long-winded process every time, but it's answering that calling to practice self-love. I start my day off with some deep breathing and love to incorporate essential oils. I like to tune into myself and listen. Far too often we jump straight onto the phone, check our emails, text messages and all the rest before even checking in with ourselves…so this is a vital part of my morning routine.

Next, I usually do some oil-pulling whilst preparing my morning juice and food, and have myself a nice glass of warm lemon water afterwards to detox my body.
I like to spend the first part of my morning nourishing myself before I take on the day ahead. Self-love and nourishment are key to starting my mornings off on the right foot.
I work a part-time job at the moment, so my days differ depending on whether I'm working or not.

Regardless, I try to do as much yoga as possible! I like to lead as wholesome and healthy a life as possible.
On my days off, I usually start the day off with a yoga session, followed by a walk somewhere out in nature. After having a healthy breakfast and juice, I get stuck into working on my blog which I started working on almost nine months ago now.
As I hope to be able to work full-time on my blog in the near future, I have recently structured my days off like a normal work day in which I build on my own dreams and ambitions. Working on my own project requires discipline, and as I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I've realised the necessity of structure in that aspect of my life.

I have a partner which I spend a lot of time with also. We like to adventure and get outdoors as much as we can. We like to spend our evenings cooking healthy, plant-based meals, watching documentaries and being intimate. I absolutely cherish my quality time with him.

So that's a very rough outline of a typical day for me…but they really do differ! Life is pretty crazy!

What makes you become your most empowered self?
I empower myself by living a life out of intention rather than habit, out of truth rather than convenience, and out of compassion rather than indifference.
This means making mindful decisions and living consciously, in all aspects of my life. This extends to what I eat, to what I purchase, to the relationships I invest my time in, to the activities I partake in etc etc… aligning my actions with my intentions has been truly liberating. It is the realisation that we have control of the decisions we make...each and every time, every second of the day. This realisation is powerfully potent. It is empowering! To truly grasp this concept has led me to evolve into the most empowered version of my Self.


How did you become the woman you are now?
Rediscovering my Higher Self and understanding my divine nature which is infinitely more than my human experiences which make up my story.
It has been a journey and a half. It hasn’t all been spiritual butterflies and rainbows. It has also been dark and challenging at times. In it's entirety, it has been a beautiful journey though, and one that continues to unravel.
There has been so much self-reflection, and a lot of questioning. This has meant having to UNLEARN as much as I have had to learn.
Deconstructing the programming which had validated so much of my unconscious behaviour for so long.

I have come up against many internal demons throughout this journey, and a lot of it has been painful. I have learnt to grow through my pain, and not only acknowledge it. In doing so, I have done a lot of HEALING, and much transformation has happened as a result. I have definitely experienced my fair share of growing pains.
Going deeper into myself has allowed for me to experience life more fully.
My perspective has completely changed, and my heart has opened.
A big turning point for me was when I lost my job and went through a break up two and a half years ago. I was at a cross roads. I felt that I was stripped bare and broken down. At one of my lowest points, I learnt to SURRENDER to what is.
Learning all of this was no easy task. It meant journeying through the pain, feeling every ounce of it. Making peace with it. Instead of resisting because of fear of pain, ACCEPTANCE was my saving grace. It was vital in allowing me to move on and move forward with gusto. Acceptance also encouraged me to be compassionate and not angry.

I have had to shed so many layers in meeting myself again.
It was really when I backpacked solo for seven months in 2015 that I came to rediscover myself again. No routine, no relationship, no job, no financial security…just going on an absolute whim. Shedding layers, and the attachment to them, allowed me to get to my core. My essence. I returned home a more radiant version of my self. I had grown into my authenticity and embraced it.
I would say that each person in my life has helped me to learn an important lesson.
My mother has been one of my biggest teachers.
My relationships and interactions with friends, family, exes and strangers have all been a great mirror, and continue to be so.
I am so grateful for every person I come across.

What did you have to learn in the past during your journey to becoming the truest version of yourself?
I learnt to be VULNERABLE, with myself and with others; and this has changed everything! I always felt like I had to be strong and put on a face. Once I stopped doing this, I made space for compassion; most importantly toward myself. Being vulnerable has been such a healing experience for me, and such a liberating one too.
There is so much truth in vulnerability. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we are allowing ourselves to be more AUTHENTIC.

In realising that I am not merely a product of my experiences, I have allowed construction to replace destruction. I have had to learn not to be so reactive. In the past, many of my reactions were fear-based and expressed in the form of anger, and this was because I never allowed myself to be vulnerable.
In coming to terms with all of this, I have learnt that being vulnerable helps us to avoid so much misunderstanding, miscommunication and allows for much deeper and authentic connections.

It invites us to be more COMPASSIONATE towards ourselves, thereby helping us to be more compassionate toward everyone else around us.
It is a completely different way of being.
Much of this has been the result of learning to differentiate between CONSCIOUSNESS and EGO. This AWARENESS has been pivotal. It has allowed for me to understand my own ego, and the role it plays. I have had to FORGIVE, others and myself, for acting unconsciously and unintentionally causing pain. Forgiveness has allowed for me to let go of a lot of emotional baggage that I was unknowingly carrying in my past and has enabled me to let go of negative energetic ties that were tying me to my past. Now, I am able to look at situations with a lot more clarity because of this understanding. I am able to be much more PRESENT.

I had to meet myself again in this lifetime. I came to the realisation that my ego had masqueraded a false sense of Self for so much of my life. Whilst my past experiences have been character-building, I have learnt that I am not only a product of my experiences, I am infinitely more than that. I am consciousness, and this is the essence of our being. Realising this has changed my life, for I come from a different place than previously.

Do you have any role models?
I like to look at each person in my life as someone that I can learn from. I really do believe that we all cross paths for a reason.
I truly admire anybody making the effort to raise consciousness on this planet.
Your everyday people making a difference in their own unique way to contribute to collective consciousness.


What is your biggest piece of advice?
Take time out of your day, everyday, to honour YOU.
Get to know yourself. Observe. Listen.
Embrace your divine nature. You're so worthy and so ready for this.
Realise your own worth and value it like crazy. Let it be known.
Allow yourself to be seen.
Follow your heart and listen to your intuition.
Be vulnerable. Be naked.

What are you looking forward to?
I am looking forward to living a life of intention and full of purpose. Journeying along the path of following my heart. This definitely has its challenges. It involves taking risks and having faith in the Universe.

I've just recently launched the website for my blog! So I believe this is a new chapter for me. I'm excited to share more detailed content and really connect with people! Interview people, explore and learn more. This is what so much of this has been all about. I'm also really excited to be delving deeper into my yoga teaching.
Recently, I've been journeying with Kundalini Dance, and it has been so transformative thus far. I'm beyond eager to learn more and delve deeper.

I'm also looking forward to traveling more.
My partner and I are planning a holiday soon, so definitely looking forward to that too! Perhaps a tantric couples' retreat somewhere in there too ;)

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