Empowered Women 001: Stephanie Juris

I am in constant awe by the women I meet every single day. Through their strength and confidence I remain inspired to grow into the best version of myself possible. I am constantly wondering what it took for these women to become who they are. What happened, what did they come to realize, what makes them inspired and focused? We can learn so much about our own depth through the women who are already there. I want to bring their stories to you.

I interviewed Stephanie Juris, a woman who inspired me immediately from the way she presents herself and the beautiful simplicity of her life. You can find her on Instagram @b.odylanguage.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Each day is different, however there's a consistency with how I begin each day. I'm an early riser and there's something about the power of the sunrise that shows you how each day can be laced with magic and potential. I get on my mat for a bit with my journal close by while water boils for coffee.

Once my day begins, it could be filled with teaching, making art with the kiddos I nanny, or teaching breathwork. I'm also someone who can tend to think too much so I really love getting on my bike, going to ecstatic dance or a yoga class - something that gets me totally in my body.

Most nights, my partner and I cook dinner for each other. He hosts a radio show at Freeform Portland so often times we work on playlists together. Our homes are lucky enough to be filled with people whom we love and it's great to have the energy of everyone around at the end of the day.

What makes you become your most empowered self?
Dancing - a few years ago I was told by an amazing healer friend, "I see you dancing, I just see you on this stage and you're dancing and you're so happy." After that I started to dance more whether at ecstatic dance or intermingling dance into my yoga practice. In return it's transformed my relationship to my body. There was so much of my body that I wasn’t connected to, that I didn't want to touch or was ashamed of. By dancing I feel like instead of looking at my body in a certain way, I was able to phone in on on the energy of it all - how strong, powerful and fluid I can be

What made you the woman you are now?
Learning that healing isn't easy and that it can be quite painful. Learning that pain can be a lesson in a really ugly disguise. Taking big jumps that scare me and throw my "plan" for a loop. Continuing to show up for myself. Knowing that within every moment, experiences can teach us loads about ourselves. Learning to look closely at these lessons and discover what's in store.

What did you have to leave in the past during your journey to total empowerment?
Fear - a lot of fear. Realizing that our actions come from either fear or love and mindfully bringing awareness to always chose love.

Do you have any role models?
My grandmother. She was a single mother who raised three kids under the age of 5. She has traveled all over the world and now spending her time as a volunteer clown in the local hospitals and visiting patients. She is an angel. I'm convinced of it.

What is your biggest piece of advice?
Learn how to say yes.
Learn how to say no.

Call your grandparents if you still have them. If not, borrow someone else's and give them a call.

Touch things as if your heart was on the palms of your hands.

What are you most excited for?
Summer! Warm weather, jumping into as many bodies of water as possible. Planning a big July tour of the country with my partner and a dear friend of ours. They'll be playing music and I'll be doing pop-up breathwork workshops! Have a space in any of these places and wanna host some freaky musicians or co-facilitate a workshop? Hit me up on Instagram!

Missoula, Bismarck, Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, Burlington, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Charlotte, Birmingham, New Orleans, Houston, Marfa, Tucson, Los Angeles, Oakland, Arcata, and finally, back home to Portland.

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