Kyla Sokoll-Ward absolutely radiates with an absolutely honest passion of inspiring other women. While living her truth with complete dedication, Kyla embodies the sort of strength only created through self-confidence, self-love, and saying no to self-doubt. You can find her coaching here.


What is your life’s goal?
My life’s goal is to fully embody my potential as a creature of love. I deeply believe that we are all here to walk each other home, teach one another, and love fiercely - it’s human nature. The embodiment of this requires the stripping away of the layers of bullshit - as I call them - which keep us from powerfully owning this part of ourselves and believing that we are worthy of receiving it from others.

What makes you feel most empowered?
I feel most empowered when I am empowering others. When one person rises, they rise for us all. My coaching practice is built around this idea - the women that I coach are representations of women everywhere, and when one of them breaks a barrier, she helps all womankind.

What led you to become the woman you are today?
I struggled deeply with food, body image, confidence, and self-love in the past. Owning all of that and seeing the inherent beauty in my human experience - in all the highs and all the lows - has given me the confidence, wisdom, and fearless expression that I now have.

How do you embrace your sexuality as a woman?
I’ve been on a real journey with my sexuality the last year. I’ve always felt connected to my sexuality but it’s been getting much deeper lately. I’m becoming more attuned to sexual energy showing up in my life in areas outside of just sex itself, and how this energy is actually our life energy. I utilize sexual energy and the state of turn-on to be more fully alive in my everyday life.

What are your self-love and self-care rituals?
So many! Self-love is our natural state so I don’t believe we need rituals for this - we just need to uncover what blocks it. Every morning I wake up and take deep breaths before getting out of bed. I keep my phone away, do a yoga/meditation/journaling practice … all before checking social media or email. Throughout the day I’ll take meditation breaks to center myself and reground my energy, and I always do a gratitude list before bed.

What is your biggest piece of advice for other women?
Don’t allow your inspiration to be overthrown by your fears. Take action. Don’t hoard your gifts from the world - we need you.

What do you love about your body?
EVERYTHING! Not because she’s perfect but simply because she’s mine. I’ve had a long, hard journey with my body and I’ve come to a place of total acceptance and simply wanting to care for her. She is my vessel for spreading love - not a project that I need to perfect in order to have permission to be happy.

What are you looking forward to?
I’m bringing lots of magic into the world these days! As I’ve been working with my coaches (yep - all coaches need coaches!) I’ve cleared up a lot of creativity blocks and am feeling so inspired to bring my gifts to my audience and clients!

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