Luna Dietrich is the woman prominently known as Pussy Witch. She is the fearless, forward-thinking powerhouse responsible for creating and running her successful business as a sexual empowerment teacher, writer, and coach. This earth worshipping, ecosexual, boss babe is furiously passionate about supporting the releasing of shame and helping others learn how to own their unique sexuality. This seriously inspiring woman was featured on Vice's Slutever for her progressive ecosexuality teachings. Luna Dietrich's interview is gorgeous beyond words.

What is your life’s goal?
My life’s goal is to support as many people as possible to live a life of consensual and pleasurable relationships with themselves, with one another and with the earth. Meaning, I want to decolonize my mind and body and inspire others to do the same.

What makes you feel most empowered?
Off the top of my head, there are three main things that make me feel really empowered right now. First, it’s when when I am free dancing. No choreography, no rules, dancing solely for my soul. It’s such a strong way I take up space and inhabit my own body.

Secondly, I also feel really empowered when I write something that I’m really proud of. If it resonates with people, awesome, but I think the empowerment comes from feeling like I tapped into the part of myself that screams truth from every cell in my body.

Finally, when I am in an erotic photoshoot and/or see myself naked in photos, I turn myself on!... which feels really empowering. Seeing myself an erotic creature that has a sexuality that isn’t for anyone else except my own confidence and pleasure feels so liberating and life affirming.

What led you to become the woman you are today?
Ha! The more I learn about myself the more I realize EVERYTHING in my life has in some way shaped me. So much of what I’ve experienced growing up are things that I am still actively trying to unlearn. My work as Pussy Witch centers on that I already intuitively know what I want and need but growing up in oppressive culture has turned me against my own bodies and truth. My work is about unpacking everything that is getting in the way from me listening to and respecting my truth...and inspire others to do the same!

More specifically, I went to Catholic School for 7 years. I’m trying to dismantle a lot of things I picked up there (like my body is inherently shameful, I need a man to have a spiritual connection, etc). However, from these Catholic teachings, I learned something really potent in 2nd grade. I was taught that Jesus was this all perfect, all loving being...and that people STILL hated him. I remember by innocent mind being so blown away by that concept. As a little person wanting to make friends, be kind and essentially, be liked… I realized that NO MATTER what I did, no matter how loving/perfect I was, not everyone would like me. Being so young and reckoning with this truth really shaped who am I am and how I grew up. In many ways, I did what I wanted because I wasn’t constantly worried if people would like me or not. This path definitely led me to embracing the moniker of Pussy Witch!

How do you embrace your sexuality as a woman?
One of the biggest ways I embrace my sexuality is writing and/or sharing about it. By sharing, I realize again and again that the things I think and feel about sex and my sexuality are so common to so many of us. When someone else says #metoo or can listen to my feelings, hopes, fears, dreams with empathy, I release yet another layer of shame and embrace my sexuality even more.

What are your self-love and self-care rituals?
One of my biggest self-care rituals is dancing alone to lots of base. More than stimulating myself, I feel this is my favorite way to self-pleasure. I can tune in in bringing confidence, play, and sexual energy to my whole being. feeling my sexuality when I am alone, dancing.

Something that has been a “new” version of self-care for me are my grooming and cleaning rituals, specifically the latter. Creating spaces that look, smell and feel good. I use to not prioritize my home being clean, it used to be luxury thing for me, but I knew if I took the time it always made me feel better. Now I see cleaning, lighting candles, spraying rose water are all proactive forms of self care and staying on top of mental health for me.

Finally, being immersed in nature is my favorite form of self care! Basking in the in the sun, walking through the woods barefoot, foraging for wildflowers to make tea, swimming naked in a waterfall. Nature connection is core foundation to my witchy livelihood!

What is your biggest piece of advice for other women?
My biggest piece of advice for women would be dedicate time, daily if possible, to get to know yourself better. Whether that is through writing, art, dance, therapy, whatever is accessible and makes YOU be able to feel YOUR truth, wisdom, and magic more. It’s so easy to live a life that isn’t our own. You deserve to dedicate yourself to your life. Your desires matter. You matter.

What do you love about your body?
I love that my body tells me everything I need to know. When I trust and listen to my gut and, I can tune into my deepest wisdom. My inner “yes” and “no.” I can notice when I am feeling activated or triggered...which helps me de-escalate situations and take care of myself. I can also notice when I am excited or turned on...and maybe holding myself back from something I want. I can tell when I need to stop eating or when I need to drink more water otherwise I would feel sick. When I deeply listen to my body, I am guided in life. For me loving my body is equated to trusting my body.

I also love that my body is inherently an act of resistance. Just being a femme, having a pussy, and not being afraid to enjoy sexual pleasure within my body active resistance. I love that.

What are you looking forward to?
For awhile, I’ve been practicing saying “no” to opportunities that don’t feel like a “hell yes” but more recently, I’ve been practicing actively initiating/going after opportunities that I am personally excited about. With this, I am learning to receive rejection with grace. I’ve been so hesitant to ask for anything because I am terrified of rejection! When I realize rejection isn’t that painful, I get so celebrate someone else’s “no,” it feels so liberating!

So, with that, I am looking forward to either interviewing people I admire or having them as guests in “Pussy Witch Academy”, my sexual empowerment fundamentals online course. Asking who those teachers will be feels pretty edgy to me... and also really exciting! I want to collaborate and connect with more badass people to really not only know but really like we are stronger together in this fight for sexual liberation and imaging a culture free from oppression.








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