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Empowered Women 003: Ciara Rubin

Posted by Shannon Kissane on
Empowered Women 003: Ciara Rubin

Ciara Rubin is a writer, a speaker, a singer, and a birth doula. She is passionate in her efforts to bring more love into all areas of spirituality and conscious living! You can fins her amazing videos and online courses on her website and Instagram. She is also about to launch a community platform that unifies and connects us by providing a spiritual perspective and opportunities for all conscious creators to shine. She is partnering with NYMPH NYC, so look out for it! Read about this amazing woman below. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

I live in an RV and recently settled in gorgeous Calistoga, CA after 8 months of traveling the country. I work hard at creating and maintaining this weekday routine I’m going to share with you; lots of trial and error, and I’m always evaluating what works/what doesn’t. I’m not always perfect, and the days I don’t do my spiritual practices are rough.

I usually wake up 6-6:30am and meditate for 10-20 mins; then make tea for me, coffee for my love, and our smoothie bowls. I eat and connect with him and my gratitude. Most days I practice 20-30 mins of yoga before getting ready for the day.

I check in with my planner and create the day’s biz and personal to-do list. I work til noon and make lunch (I cook all the meals in our home and I LOVE it), eating while I catch up on my YouTube watchlist. Back to work until a short break to take my beloved cat for a walk (on a leash!) and get some fresh air. End of the day I’m connecting on social media, answering emails, and working on business growth courses. Some days are set fully aside for birth doula training, I can’t wait to get certified!

After dinner I work on my music, watercoloring, or my extensive reading list. I’m always reading like 3 books at once (at least)! Sometimes Z and I will watch a movie or catch up on a tv show. Bedtime is journaling, pulling some oracle cards, and cuddling before lights out. ;)

What makes you become your most empowered self?

Committing to an almost daily self-pleasure practice has been huge for me. I feel better in my body than I ever have and that feels super empowering. It doesn’t have to be mastubation, and it doesn’t have to end in orgasm, but paying attention to my body in a loving way even when I’m having a crappy day really makes a difference.

Also- the days I stay in my lane and don’t compare myself to other women in the spiritual field feel so empowering. When I focus on my own work I realize how much I’m accomplishing and I don’t feel like I’m behind or unoriginal. It’s challenging not to click through on social media and compare, but the days I don’t + the days I give/receive pleasure are my most empowered days.

How did you become the woman you are now?

HEALING. Huge amounts of healing and shadow work coupled with committing to a journey towards unconditional self love and self care. I regularly look into the mirror and am psychic about myself. It’s the way I walk my talk. Healing is revealing, and I feel like the more I heal, the more I come home to who I truly am, shedding all the layers of the trauma and the stories I told myself about why I couldn’t or I was stuck or a victim.

EXPRESSING. The more I allow myself to express what’s inside the more I feel I’m moving in the right direction. When I sing it gives me wings. When I stop getting in my own way and express the raw authentic parts of my heart, I feel truly free.

VALIDATION + INTEGRATION. The more I validate my spiritual experiences and the synchronicity of the Universe, the more they both seem to happen. The more I experience what’s beyond the veil the more sure I am that magic is real and available to anyone and everyone who seeks it. The more I surrender to divine timing and divine will the deeper the teachings I’ve learned absorb into my being so that I’m not just a righteous messenger, but the actual embodiment of my message.

What did you have to leave in the past during your journey to becoming the truest version of yourself?

Blame. I used to blame a lot of people for the things that went wrong in my life, and for my dysfunctional behaviors, mostly my parents and ex-boyfriends. Unforgiveness used to run in my family before I realized that not forgiving them was like drinking poison and expecting them to die. It’s not about whether they were right or wrong, it’s about me deserving to be free. Now that I take responsibility for creating my own reality, I’m working on forgiving and having patience with myself.

Aliens. I had some out of this world experiences and for a good year I was open about them in a big way. I thought I had to step up into a certain type of role in order to make sharing cosmic information/experiences relevant, but it didn’t really feel like me. Reflecting on it, I realized I felt I had to prove myself to prove what I and many people experience is real. My spirit guides reminded me that I am enough without such a galactic message, and I felt relieved.

Do you have any role models?

Yes! So many of my peers inspire me daily, and I’m honored to be among such magical and powerful company! My biggest role model is my aunt Dawn Cartwright, a master Tantra teacher who travels the world spreading her message of sexual enlightenment and love. When I was little we’d play fairies, when I was 13 she gave me a red tent ceremony to celebrate my first moon cycle, and when I was 26 she married my husband and I. She broke the mold in our family for coming out of the spiritual closet, and I’m so grateful.

What is your biggest piece of advice?

My biggest pieces of advice are lessons I’ve learned or am learning myself: Find your deeper why, remember who you are, and don’t stop digging until you do. Don’t settle for a life that doesn’t give you deep satisfaction.

There will of course be hard times, there will be aspects of your purpose and your mission that you don’t love, but always remember why you’re doing it and let that keep you going. It’s not “special” to have a mission and yet it’s the biggest reason why many of us are here. We’re here to change the world by bravely changing ourselves, inspiring others to do the same.

Know that magic is simply the next level(s) of consciousness and evolution, levels of awareness and integration that have yet to be fully realized. Magic has always been REAL, and that doesn’t make it any less magical.

Embrace the truth that “we are one” is more than a beautiful idea. Anytime you hurt someone else in any way, you’re only inflicting that pain onto yourself. Who you are in private is who you are, what you say in private is part of your vibration. ALL beings are worthy of forgiveness and compassion, ALL humans are beings of light, even if they’ve forgotten in terrible ways. They’re just as worthy as you or any other person, because they are you. We are one. I truly believe that once we can fully integrate this idea, we’ll experience total and complete heaven on Earth.

What are you looking forward to?

Becoming a mother! I’m excited and anxious to see how my perspective and work shift after bringing a child into the world. Motherhood will be the most challenging and direct place to practice what I preach, and I accept the challenge with an open heart! I’m so excited to hold my babies, to play with my children, to validate all of the magic they experience; and to raise them to be whole, self-loving, and independent adults.

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