Empowered Women 005: Katherine Mills

Photo Credit: Julia Corbett

We had the chance to interview Katherine Mills of Wildstate, who's brilliant and beautiful mission is "to empower individuals, protect mother earth and the sacred feminine, share tools for our collective evolution, and honor traditional practices." Katherine Mills teaches various workshops, ceremonies, classes, and retreats--all of which you can find divine and grounding photos of on her beautifully curated Instagram account. Before creating Wildstate in 2016, Katherine was studying Cha Dao, tantra, yoga, deep meditation, and the chakra system. She is a woman driven by her connection to natural world and the feminine, and her work has deeply inspired us to reconnect with ourselves, too.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Upon waking, I try to remember any messages or imagery from my dreams and write them down. Dreams have played a big part in my personal evolution as well as my creative process. Then, I put the kettle on and prepare for tea and meditation. I light some incense and maybe put on some chanting. I started sitting with tea as a meditation practice (called Cha Dao, “The Way of Tea”) three years ago and it really sets the tone for my day. I do this every morning before touching my phone.

The day is filled with whatever creative projects I’m working on at the moment. I’m usually writing something, planning a shoot, or teaching privates and workshops for my business Wildstate. Right now, I’m preparing to direct a short film and co-designing a line of handmade tea bowls with Kilkea Design.

At some point in the afternoon, there is more tea, tantric/yogic practice, and hopefully some time in nature! I spend a lot of time alone. My social time often consists of tea ceremonies, kirtans, photo shoots in nature, watching movies or live music, and deep connection and silliness with high vibe people. I usually journal and do another short practice before bed.

Photo by Richard Cambier

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What makes you become your most empowered self?

Giving myself and others the gift of my fullest presence. To me, this is the deepest form of intimacy and love. I feel empowered when I allow myself to feel safe, seen, and supported without judgment. Being mindful with my energy is part of this practice. Working on compassionate honesty and setting healthy boundaries, so that I can be the fullest version of myself. One of the most empowering realizations I’ve had is that my mind creates the conditions for my experience—whether that be joy and suffering. Stepping out of blaming external circumstances is so liberating! It’s a journey.

Self-expression through creative projects whether it be film, writing, or photography. Slowing down and finding time for self-care and pleasure. Also, singing and dancing like a maniac! Anything that gets me in my body, fully in the here and now.

How did you become the woman you are now?

I love my family for raising me in Hawaii and allowing me to explore myself through the arts. They’ve always supported my interests. I never felt judged or criticized for wanting to making art or pursue it academically and beyond. I think that was a very important part of my upbringing and allowed me to understand my identity at a young age.

In my early twenties, I started to seek out spiritual teachers and dove into yoga, meditation, and philosophy. I’ve been fortunate enough to have encountered and studied with many teachers who have greatly influenced me. I also just think


What did you have to leave in the past during your journey to becoming the truest version of yourself?

Letting go is truly a never-ending process! I feel like I’m always releasing my “identity”, old patterns, and ways of being. I just keep simplifying and surrendering. Letting go of fear, anger, judgment, attachments, laziness. When I’m able to get out of my own way, there’s a deep love that shines through.

Do you have any role models?

My mom, my godmother, my sister, my incredible circle of women—all the goddesses!


What is your biggest piece of advice?

Learn how to listen deeply. Create a practice that allows you to receive the messages of your heart clearly and experience oneness.


What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to my first yoga retreat, Ground of Joy, in Bali this fall! I’m also looking forward to this next phase of life in my thirties—career, love, travel, personal growth. I feel like anything is possible.

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