Empowered Women 007: Tina Maria Elena

More than likely, you've seen Tina Maria Elena Bak's art on your Instagram. She portrays beautiful love-making and erotic scenes in her signature style: water colors that melt and drip, blending into beautiful and unique shades. There s a reason for her major popularity as an artist--her artwork, showcased on both her Instagram feed and her website--has stunning depictions that make you see the absolute magic in a human body and sexual interactions. Tina Maria Elena Bak is more than just an amazing artist--she is an ultra-loving woman, speaking of her family often. Check out an intimate and beautiful interview with her below and definitely check out her artwork.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up early, and the morning is all about getting my children ready for the day with my husband. The usual, taking baths, eating breakfast, and drinking coffee. It’s getting easier for me now to get up in the morning when the sun is already up and I can hear birds singing in our garden. Spring and summer is where I thrive the most. When my children are off to school and my husband is off to work, I’m alone in the house. I sometimes start my alone time by doing some yoga stretches and listening to music that makes me feel good. Then I either reply to emails or pack orders or I simply sit down and paint, mostly while listening to music.

I’m always very inspired and have a lot of ideas, so it’s sometimes hard to choose and focus on one painting at a time. It’s a luxury problem – and something that I know that I’m blessed to deal with. The hours pass quickly when I’m in my flow and before I know it, it’s time to pick up my kids from school and the rest of the day is often spent with them and my husband. I sometimes paint at night too, but now that I have the daytime dedicated to my art I often just relax at night. And I spend some loving quality time with my husband if we are both at home. This is important and also a source of inspiration, he he… 


What makes you become your most empowered self?

I am my most empowered self when I allow myself to be who I am. When I create what I like and feel like creating, when I stop worrying about what other people are thinking about both my art and me, and I stop criticizing and judging myself, and instead I look at myself with loving eyes. Like when a mother looks at her child. When I believe in myself and dare to shine and share my love and light. Throughout my life I have been holding myself down and I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit in. Wherever I was. It’s been hard for me to accept who I am and that I’m a very passionate person.

The waves in my emotional sea are often wild and I have felt many times like I was going to drown. Now I see that I am drowning myself when I feel this way, often by letting anxiety and feelings of guilt and shame take over. I now know that I have the power to calm the waters when I slow down my internal battles. I feel powerful when I love myself and when I start to take in all the amazing things the people around me are saying about me. Because people are saying really awesome things, ha ha!!! 


How did you become the woman you are now?

Well this has of course been a journey of so, so many events. I am 32 years old now and I feel like the last 10 years have been so defining for my life. I knew in my heart when I started to date my husband almost 10 years ago that he was something very special and other than being totally in love with him, I also began to ground myself and stop my constant search for perfection. Because he helped me with this. Many things have happened during these last 6 years that I could write whole books about – but what I want to focus on in this interview is that I am the woman I am now because of the support of my husband and family and close friends during really hard times.

You can not underestimate the outcome of how your surroundings react in critical times. I have felt like I was going crazy at times but I chose to get help. Not to give up even though a wounded part of me wanted to. In November 2015, I chose to shift my creative energy directly into something beautiful and filled with power and love, and that’s where my journey of sensual/erotic art began. I have no doubt that this theme is very healing and soothing to me. And it all comes very naturally to me. In one way, it is something very earthly and primal but also holds a loving energy and spirituality that is very powerful for me as a woman. I am embracing myself, my needs and what my heart and soul desires.


What did you have to leave in the past during your journey to become the truest version of yourself?

I would say I left behind all expectations from others and myself. I am starting to let go of what I feel like people are expecting from me, and I also know that I have to stop expect certain reactions etc. from others because it becomes very frustrating when people doesn’t live up to an ideal way of reacting that you have created in your mind. I am also on a journey of letting go of shame, guilt, and feelings of being a victim. The first thing is to acknowledge these life patterns – ways of thinking and reacting - and then there’s a long road ahead that I can’t see yet. But I know that self-love and acceptance of things in general are steps into a lovely future. Letting go of being a victim is what makes you shine from within.  


Do you have any role models:

Sure… a lot… One of them is my mother. She is very strong and has pursued her dreams. We are in some ways very much alike – both very sensitive. But in other ways we are very different and I feel she is much more grounded than me. I also look up to others but my mother was the first to come into mind. My father is also a role model, but I must say that he is mostly a role model that has shown me how life can be if you do not fill yourself with love and caring respect. And therefore, I thank him for letting me make my own life choices. I don't always see things very clearly, but I know that I have to face my fears and deal with them.

He has always supported me and I know I am loved. And of course, I think there’s a lot of great role models on for example Instagram – powerful, inspiring women who are taking charge of their lives, their sexuality, and dare to be first-movers.

What is your biggest piece of advice?

My advice is also something I am still working on, ha ha… because it’s not always easy.

It is to remember that other people’s reactions have absolutely nothing to do with you. For example, when people like and comment positive things on my art on @tinamariaelena, it is because it resonates with something within themselves. That’s also why some people only see the hot and primal sexual acts in my art, whereas others see the layers of love and emerging energies… It also doesn’t have anything to do with me when people are being mean trolls or actually like what I create, but doesn’t want to let me and others know that they actually like it. And how I react to other's reactions also has nothing to do with them, but is about how I feel inside. It is such a relief when I sometimes remember this truth. And this is also very Meta, ha ha…


What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to a ton of things… the warmth and beauty of spring and summer. I’m excited to see what I will create in the future and where the path of my art is taking me. I’m finally working full time as an artist (this is very new) and this is also exciting for me. There’s so much to explore and I hope my followers and fans will continue to support me. Because they mean the world to me…     

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