Discover the Sacred Benefits of NYMPH NYC Wands

Once upon a time, I hated myself. I felt ugly and embarrassed. I continuously told myself degrading statements and called myself cruel words. I was out of touch with my femininity; I was very much stuck in my head.

Those were toxic thoughts and led me to living in fear: what would people think about me, why am I such a failure, my body is ugly.

Believing such damaging and hurtful thoughts closed my inner goddess to shine through. I wasn't connected with my divine self, I felt stuck as a powerless and weak physical body.

My heart has been drawn to crystals for many, many years. I feel such a pure, innocent, beautiful, and easy love for crystals. Naturally, using a crystal to awaken my sensuality and feminine powers was a total no-brainer.

Since using crystal wands, I feel SO confident. My body is beautiful and I am no where close to self conscious. I love myself completely and totally. I am in tune with my sensuality and sexual desires, and I am not ashamed to express this innate side of myself.

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