A Ritual for Sacred Self-Love


Self-loving in all forms and all places can be fantastic, absolutely—I’m in no way doubting this. What’s also super important is remembering how special being intimate with yourself can be. When you are with someone or enjoying the company of your own soul, recognizing how beautiful and powerful you are. When you are in love with your body so much that you want it to experience intense bliss.

This is how we can begin to bring aspects of the sacred into our self-loving.

And what constitutes sacredness?

To me, an act is sacred when it connects you with your higher power, your god, your goddess, your higher self, and so on. We can connect with high levels of powerful energy when we begin to allow intimate self-loving to become a sacred act.

If you don’t have any sage in your life, I suggest you get some as soon as possible. The ability it has to clear spaces of stagnant and negative energy is beyond amazing. Burn sage and let its earthy smoke pour around a room you find safe and comfortable—usually your bedroom. Breathing deeply, you can “smudge yourself” with sage, allowing smoke to clear any lingering negative energy within your aura. 

Lighting in a room should always be natural. the fire of candles is so intimate and natural.

Playing music to get out of your and into your body, relax however you like—whatever is comfortable. feel your body: the feel of your skin, your warmth, listen to your breathing. 

This is a process that is not rushed; there is no goal, no time limit. Relax and unwind. Be there fully.

There are a few reasons that crystal massage wands are so special when it comes to sacred self-loving. Being made out of crystal, these massage wands carry a very positive and high energy within them, which is able to uplift the energy of our own beings. The higher your energy is, the more connected you are with your higher self/god/energy source. Also, being totally natural, using crystals as for self-loving body massage allows you to feel very connected with the world—grounded and uplifted as you move higher into ecstasy.

Take your time and love and cherish yourself and your spirit.

Indulge in self-loving, have fun, explore, worship your body—but remember to leave space for the sacred to enter when you’d like it to.

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