Tips on Expanding Your Ecstatic Pleasure

It's easy to get caught up when your yoni is getting intense love and attention and you're racing towards that sweet release. It is almost too much… and yet, you crave more. You’re searching for the next toe curling sensation, sometimes before allowing the last to reach every cell of your divine body. Do you just want to orgasm, or do you really want to experience it?

To deepen the experience of your orgasm, acknowledge the sensations that are getting you there. Find your breath and get lost in the rhythm. Where does your body quiver? Notice where you tighten when your breath catches and your body yearns. Hear the sound of your own desire and answer the call. Don’t gloss over the ecstatic journey to your destination.

If you’re looking to ride your orgasm out a little longer, try slowing your body down before you get there. Take full, deep belly breaths as you build up to your climax. As you inhale, feel your yoni tighten and draw UP and IN, bringing energy into your womb. Exhale and release that energy and sensation. Inhale, tighten. Hold.. exhale, release. Continue this pattern slowly, letting yourself fill deeper with each breath as you get closer to climax. You will feel a heightened sensation within your yoni begin to spread through your low belly, moving up and washing over your entire being. With practice, you will find a breathing pattern that is a natural expansion of your own self.

Your moment of ecstasy does not need to be over the moment your orgasm is. Give yourself a moment afterward to appreciate yourself and bask in the glow of your sensuality and sexuality. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths so that your mind has a moment to settle before you leave from this sacred space. When you are ready, you can move forward feeling refreshed and even more connected with your sexual, innate self and spirit.

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