Little Things You Can Do to Cultivate Positivity

Each day we take in information from continuous sources, some within our control and some outside of it. How can we ensure that the information we are repeatedly taking in is helping our minds stay in a healthy, positive place?

Encouragingly enough, you are able to change what you already know. When you notice yourself looking in the mirror, lift yourself up with positive thoughts and energy. Do this with the people you notice around you as well. If this seems challenging, you can begin by simply omitting all unkind feelings and thoughts (forms of negative energy) Watch the wondrous difference this can make on your outlook!

This is how you begin to work on that ever-running inner voice (your mind), and slowly mold it into one that only supports positivity. A more positive mind is one that reinforces the ideas that you deserve to feel happy, safe, and supported. Changing habits can be difficult, so be gentle with yourself. Find a way to bring your mind back to a place of happiness on your journey towards positivity.

You can reinforce a positive mindset by developing a simple mantra that supports your healing. You can infuse this mantra into a crystal that is kept close to your heart: a pocket stone, yoni egg, or Mala. Use one of these items to bring you back on your positive path if your mind wonders into negativity.

Methods with Crystals:

  • Yoni eggs are excellent tools for reinforcing thoughts of positivity, bliss, love, and care. You are essentially carrying good vibes and positive energy along with you when you wear one throughout your day. Remembering that a sacred and charged crystal is sending love to your body will completely change the way you perceive your body and your spirit. Use it’s energy to bring you back to your path.
  • The Moon Wand is made of Black Obsidian--one of the most effective stones at blocking out negative energy in all forms. You can remove all of that old, pessimistic gunk that has accumulated throughout your lifetime by using The Moon Wand (and other Black Obsidian crystal wands).

Other Sacred Methods:

  • The Rose Quartz Essence Ritual Oil can be used during your daily routine to cultivate positivity. Center yourself and infuse your mind with bliss while applying this oil on your wrists, rubbing them together, and inhaling deeply with your eyes closed.
  • Burn Palo Santo, incense, or sage as part of your daily routine/ritual. Sit in silence and allow the space around you to cleanse of any lingering negative energy. This will put you in a positive mood, encouraging uplifting thoughts to enter your mind. 

As you begin to lift yourself up, you will also start to notice everything that drags you down. It is necessary to distance yourself from such negative energies, including certain discouraging people, places, or habits you may have. Letting go of what you know and are used to may be intimidating and scary, but remember that you are releasing what no longer serves you and by letting go of the bad, you are allowing for the new and positive to come into your life.

Unavoidable challenges will arise and you may doubt the confidence that you find on your journey. Do not brush your feelings away. Take the time to think about why you might feel that way you do. Does this feeling bring you closer to who and where you wish to be? Let your answer guide you in navigating these challenges.

Remember that you can only do your best--and that each day, you get the opportunity to choose happiness.

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