Your Guide to Sacred Self Care + Pleasure

Let’s get selfish for a second. Actually, for a lot of seconds. How about every damn day?

This year, I committed to tuning in and paying close attention to what is needed to nourish my body, mind, and spirit, so that I can show up potently to the world and steward my gifts. Our Western culture has a great many of us conditioned into this place of constant effort. We was up and check our emails and often our Instagram’s or other networks for the sake of our job, or hit the ground running for families as soon as the alarm sounds, and generally spend our days in a place of “doing” a hell of a lot. But as some old adage goes, you cannot pour out from an empty cup. And man, have I seen what it’s like to go out trying like hell to squeeze out a drop.

As my consciousness has expanded, so has the lens through which I view the definition of self-care. Yes, I employ some of the obvious things like long hot baths and meditation, but I also activate some other practices that are perhaps not the first that comes to mind when you think of nurturing your entire being on the daily. But let me tell you, since getting into the groove of these rituals, every facet of my life has leveled up. From my business to my relationships to my creativity, we’re talking epic shifts, and I’m here to let you in on the secret sauce that fuels my highest good, and how to discover what the recipe is for your fullest expression. Let’s get into it, shall we?

  • MEDITATION: Alright so this is one of the boxes you expected me to check. I get it. But hear me out. As cliché as it indeed is to tote being a daily meditator in the world of the  spiritually inclined, it really is the single most important practice I have ever implemented. A year ago, I dated a guy who studied the Veda, and who shared Vedic Meditation with me. I’m not shitting you when I say that EVERYTHING about my life changed. This was the trigger point for the most significant spiritual awakening I’ve ever known. Since then, I’ve explored many other methods of meditation, but I have to say that a mantra practice has been the most potent for me. I’m more even-keeled energetically, much less reactive, my anxiety is nonexistent, and I have a deep sense of trust that I’m in the exact expression of reality that I’m meant for in every moment. Check out an app called 1 Giant Mind for an intro into this method. I also really enjoy the teachings of Vedic master, Jeff Kober, and you can find his talks here.

  • SCENT: Having had to work through some guilt around spending money on anything that isn’t “essential” - whatever the hell that means - I’ve allowed myself the treat of filling my world with scent, and I have to tell you, asking myself what scent would enliven my spirit and make me feel whatever it is that I want to feel in that moment, has been incredibly nourishing. I’m OBSESSED with burning Sweet Grass. Its scent is feminine and grounding and I feel instantly softer when I light it. I also use Palo Santo when I want to really clear some shit out and invite Spirit into my space. My body gets lathered with a blend of unrefined organic coconut oil and shea butter, mixed with a blend called Atman from an incredible brand based out of Brooklyn, Jiva Apoha. It’s the most resonant scent I’ve ever encountered. It literally smells sacred. My skin and my spirit love this stuff.
  • ARVIGO MASSAGE TECHNIQUE: I learned this self-care practice from a brilliant woman in my community named Bella who has studied many, many ancient healing modalities for years from Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda to Shamanic Medicine. She’s the one who led the epic Transformational Breath session I told you guys about, and she swears by this massage technique. Arvigo is a Mayan Abdominal Massage where you apply gentle pressure to alleviate congestion in the abdomen, improve the flow of Chi and encourage proper positioning of the internal organs for optimal health and well-being. For me, taking the time to care for an area of my body as vulnerable and triggering as my belly, has been deeply healing. I tune in, close my eyes, and notice where I’m holding tension in this place based on the feedback of sensation beneath my hands. It allows me to get curious about what the cause of that holding pattern could be, and where I can soften.

  • SELF-PLEASURE: I wouldn’t be writing for NYMPH if I weren’t going to go there, right?  But no matter who I’m writing for, this would make the list. If you’re reading this, or on this site at all, it’s safe to assume that I don’t need to encourage you to broaden your lens to view sexual practices as elevated spiritual experiences. In our sexual energy center, we swim in the fluid waters of creativity. By loving myself in this way, I've experienced clearer downloads, more flow, freer expression, and an ownership of my power and gifts that is unparalleled in the scope of my existence prior to this practice. And so, so much learning. When I open up this space, I choose to experience my state of being as Nature itself. I am one with all that is. As a result, I’m more present with people I love and with my clients, flooded with creativity a blossoming business.

  • BATHS: I honestly think the cure for everything is a hot bath. Need to unwind from my day, I take a bath. Need to lovingly start my day, I take a bath. Headache, bath. Sore throat, cough or cold, bath. Recently I’ve enjoyed more of a ritual bath, where I fill the water with extravagant things like flower petals, crystals, essential oils, salts, and you’d better believe I throw my Obsidian Egg and Serpentine Wand in there for extra love and good energy. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t sit in unforgivably hot water and just release. Taking things up a notch and adding these delicious elements brings something that could be perceived as ordinary like a tub of water, to something extravagant and indulgent. I love that I can choose to make it so, for no reason other than that I want to, that I deserve to, and there’s no reason NOT to romance myself in this way. For fuck's sake, it feels good and it makes me happy and that’s what self-care is all about.


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