5 Practices to Turn Your Life On

Photo by: Meredith Adelaide

Does sensuality scare you?

When you meet someone who is really, truly, sexy - someone who lives in their bodies more than they live in their heads - do these people make your feet shake in your boots? Does your heart flutter and your mind lash out in jealousy, when really your heart is just trying to cry out “hey, that’s inside of you, too”?

Does your sexuality scare you?

Not sure?

Do you have difficulty reaching orgasm? Is your sex life a yawn? Are you too shy to dance, or do you believe that you can’t? Do you feel guilty for seeking pleasure?

If any of this is connecting - you could be disconnected from your sensuality.

We are sensual, sexual beings. Sensuality and sexuality go hand in hand but are not one in the same. Sensuality represents our ability to seek, give and receive pleasure to and from our physical bodies. Sensuality is being present with and dropped in to our brilliant bodies. Sensuality lives in the pelvis, in our sacral chakra. This is, of course, is also where sexuality lives in our bodies. Interestingly, creativity also lives here. When we can turn ourselves on sensually, sexually and creatively - everything flows. Our lives just work. As is true for most things, if you don’t use your sensuality, you lose it. We are our most full selves when we allow every part of us shine. And like it or not, we are sensual, sexual, creative beings. By not taking care of ourselves in all contexts, we cannot show up in the world as caring individuals. Loving yourself is not selfish, it’s self serving. We need your light, and connecting to your sensual energy is a fast track to get your whole being moving and grooving towards the life of your dreams.

Ready to step into your brilliance?

Five daily practices to turn your life on:

  1. Meditate

You have heard it a million times by now, but I’m going to tell you again. Just do it already. Start with just five minutes a day, sitting comfortably, set a timer and begin focusing on your breath. When your mind wanders, gently guide it back to your breath. Nothing gets us out of our groove quite like anxiety, worry and a shit-storm of thoughts and limiting beliefs from an unquiet mind. Take five minutes a day for yourself. Feel your breath, your body, your surroundings. If you need to visualize something, visualize a beam of bright white light filling up your entire body until you are so full that it expands beyond your skin, beyond your room, your house, your city, your country and the planet. 

  1. Touch Yourself

Yes, that way, and also, not that way. When was the last time you touched your own body, and really allowed yourself to feel the sensation of your skin, and the sensation of your fingertips on your skin? When you get out of the shower and put moisturizer on your body, do you slap it on in ten seconds flat and rush over your beautiful parts? When you masturbate, is it purely for the release of orgasm? It’s a radical practice to spend time with your own body. We are so disconnected from ourselves, sometimes we can't even feel our own skin when we touch it. When I first started this practice, touching the back of my hand felt like I was touching someone else, and someone else was touching me. It’s wild. Take at least five minutes at the end of your day to massage a part of your body that needs some love - your feet, your hands, your breasts, your legs. When you are putting anything on your skin, really feel your pores (bonus: moisturizers work better when we massage them in). And when you self pleasure - don’t rush. Take your time. Don’t be shy with yourself. Physical touch is a basic human need and you are worthy of it. 

  1. Shake It

Dance is one of the most healing practices for our bodies. When was the last time you allowed yourself to dance freely, like a child? When was the last time you allowed yourself to dance dropped in to your body, moving from your hips? When I first began dancing as a healing practice, I couldn’t move my hips. I was all arms and legs. There was so much fear trapped in my pelvis that I was paralyzed. I started practicing moving my hips while keeping my arms and legs still, in circles. Then I began dancing, and filming myself, just to see how dropped in I could get. Ever notice how some people can dance in this crazy, sexy way even though they aren’t doing anything explicit? Allowing ourselves to move sensually, with our whole bodies, moving primarily from the hips allows us to drop in to our most sacred energies. This will shine through you in the most gorgeous way. Start a daily practice of dancing for ten minutes, and just wait and see how your movement transforms.

  1. Seek Pleasure

In all contexts of your life. Allow yourself to seek and receive pleasure. When you eat, really taste the food. And throw out those nasty meal-in-one protein shakes. Eat real, delicious food. I don’t care how busy you are, you’re worth it. If you’re a CEO of ten companies and have no time to cook, get incredible meals delivered to you. When you get dressed, only put underwear, clothes and shoes on your body that make you feel vibrantly alive and dropped into your joy. Throw out your underwear with holes in them, trust me. Choose exercise that makes you feel beautiful and powerful, not movement that feels like punishment. When you engage in physical touch or self pleasure of any kind, allow yourself to drop in to your body and receive. And of course, use only the highest quality toys you can find for your pleasure.

  1. Affirmations

Our thoughts create our reality. It’s the truth. Don’t believe me? Have you ever noticed on the days when everything goes wrong, you’re usually thinking things like “everything always goes wrong for me!” or “of course my car decided to break down right now”. Now what are you thinking about when it comes to your beauty, your body, your sensuality, your sexuality? I highly doubt you’d speak to a friend in the way that you sometimes speak to yourself. Affirmations shift our mindset, which can shift our bodies, energies, actions and entire lives. Some affirmations to tune you back in with your sensuality:

            I am sensual.

            I am beautiful.

            I am powerful.

            I am creative.

            I allow my sensuality to express itself freely in all that I do.

            I love my sensuality and my sensuality loves me.

            My sensuality allows me to express my fullest self in the world.

Use the affirmations that resonate with you, or make up your own. Write them down, say them out loud, stick them on your fridge, think them all day long.

All of these practices can be done daily, in just a few minutes. You are worthy of pleasure. You are worthy of feeling sensual. You are worthy of turning your whole life on

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