Little Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

Self-love and appreciation are so often left neglected. They're only aspirations, feelings that might happen one day, something to look up to. This is one of the most upsetting things to witness; watching people absolutely hate themselves. To not realize your worth. To go through life feeling ugly and ashamed.

Often, we develop feelings of embarrassment instead of love for ourselves while we’re growing up. We’re told something terrible about ourselves and we carry it through life, completely believing it, letting it sabotage our mindsets and block up our hearts.

Self-love is very attainable, but it does take both practice and time. It can make you feel uncomfortable at first if you’re not used to appreciating your soul and body. But loving yourself will allow you to be entirely yourself in this lifetime and accomplish things that take confidence and love. Below are some little things to get you closer to embodying self-love.



Loving Care

Snakeroot Apothecary offers this amazing tincture for cultivating self-love. Taking it daily in conjunction with Strawberry Rose Oxymel (below) elevated the level of love and compassion within my heart. I started to really recognize what self-love meant and was completely drawn to rose quartz. It’s super yummy and very warming—full of cinnamon, rose, hawthorn, motherwort, and damiana. 



Rose Quartz Ritual Oil

This Gem Essence Ritual Oil in rose quartz works in perfect synergy with a self-love ritual candle (below). This high vibe oil contains the energy of rose quartz and can be added to your candles, your bath tub, your work space, your yoga mat… the spaces are endless. Use it to strengthen your other self-love practices.

Self Love Oil

Use Love Thy Self for self love and understanding the universal emotion of our own loving reflection. Use this oil to deny social conformity and love the body you were born with, which attracts all that love back! This oil will help boost self-esteem and enhance your natural radiance while allowing you to be exactly who you are.


Strawberry Rose Oxymel

Snakeroot Apothecary created another loving potion in the form of Strawberry Rose Oxymel. This tincture is mixed with apple cider vinegar and honey, so it’s really delightful to take. Made with a very loving mix of rose petals, strawberries, and rose quartz essence, Strawberry Rose Oxymel is completely heart-opening.


NYMPH NYC Crystal Wand

In Blush (rose quartz), specifically. Rose quartz is used for cultivating self-love, respect, appreciation, and compassion primarily, so using it in a sacred way for pleasure can be super healing for the heart. This has been a very powerful tool for a tremendous amount of people in allowing them to really open their hearts to loving and caring about themselves. Self pleasure is a strong demonstration of self-love, and using an innately loving crystal only amplifies this.



Rosemary Essence: Embodiment

Sister Spinster's Rosemary Essence is such a beautiful tincture—it can be very helpful for someone who feels uncomfortable with their body. Rosemary is linked to the birth of goddess Aphrodite, the embodiment of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. This potion can allow you to feel a greater amount of love, which is so essential to cultivating self-love, of course.



Love Handmade Ritual Candle

You can use this candle as a part of your daily self-love ritual. Set an intention of finding, deepening, and strengthening the love you have for yourself before lighting it. You can visualize yourself with self-love while you look into the candle’s flame, or meditate, or hold a beautiful and loving chunk of rose quartz.

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