Love x Wealth x Protection Oils

Love x Wealth x Protection Oils

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Love Wealth Protection is a powerful kit of ritual oil blends that bring love, prosperity and abundance, and offer protection from negative energy and forces. This includes 3 bottles of:

  • LOVE: Rose Quartz Gem Essence Ritual Oil
  • WEALTH: Citrine Gem Essence Ritual OIl
  • PROTECTION: Black Tourmaline Gem Essence Ritual Oil

Use each oil daily to benefit from their properties:

  • Rose Quartz Essence Ritual Oil can be used for attraction, romance, love, friendship, positive self image, harmony in relationships, finding beauty in all things, seeing through rose colored glasses, finding your soulmate, and bringing love into your life.
  • Citrine Essence Ritual Oil aids in abundance and manifestation, as well as the attraction of prosperity and success. This crystal brings the user good fortune in life. Citrine assists in all fast money ventures. It attracts love and happiness, as well as guarding the heart from pain and shielding jealousy.
    • Promotes creativity, self-confidence, vitality, abundance through creative endeavors, manifestation, inner strength, longevity, good work flow, and excellent in aiding the finishing of projects.
  • Black Tourmaline Ritual Oil is used as a talisman for psychic protection against dark energy. AKA Schrol oil. Grounding stone, excellent for light workers + healers. Blocks negative energies and transforms vibration. Protects against electromagnetic free radicals + radiation. Useful around electronics, especially cell phones.