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The Refresh Kit: Induce Balance

The Refresh Kit: Induce Balance


Rose Quartz brings about a gentle warmth of all love. It encourages your heart to open up to and accept yourself with confidence and value. Because this amazing crystal works on opening the heart chakra, you will begin to release hatred and replace this with love, acceptance, kindness, and forgiveness. Rose Quartz attracts positive and nurturing love into your life without judgement. Nurturing of yourself and others results from this gentle stone.

Clear Quartz is the most used crystal due to its wide range of healing abilities. This is the "Universal Healer" in the crystal family as it has been thought to powerfully correct, heal, and work on any condition that is not in balance within the body. stone thought to be able to work on any condition as well as connect you to your highest self.

Amethyst is one of the most important crystals to use if you are seeking spirituality. This ancient, vibrate stone can be used for some serious protection against negative energy and psychic attacks. Amethyst is said to help with abstaining from addictions, as well as resolving any emotional/psychological stress and pain.

All crystals included in this kit are medium-sized as well as cleansed and blessed.