Self Love Kit: Limited Edition

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2018 is the year of self-love and care. This is your year to get in tune with your needs, to recognize your desires, and to reap the benefits that come from bodily pleasure and absolute love. You can transform sexual energy into super healing energy and channel that into positive thinking in every aspect of your life.

We're combining the two ultimate self-love tools: our Rose Quartz wand and Snakeroot Apothecary's delicious + juicy Loving Care tincture. By using these two natural gifts you can begin to form and grow your sense of love. Release any self-hatred you may have formed over the past year (or years) as well by absorbing love-filled pleasure with BLUSH (our Rose Quartz wand) and ingesting heart-opening herbs and plants in the form of Loving Care.

Loving Care by Snakeroot Apothecary: Primarily a self-love potion. It contains loving plant allies such as rose and hawthorn that open your heart with love and protection (every rose has it’s thorn), while supporting you with a big hug from motherwort and the relaxing sensuality of damiana.

ingredients : rose hips, rose petals, hawthorne berry, damiana, motherwort, cinnamon, honey, brandy, organic cane spirits.

The BLUSH Wand is created entirely from Rose Quartz, which is known as "The Stone of Unconditional Love." The soft and soothing feminine energy that it carries is able to open your Heart Chakra in order to allay your body with pure love and compassion. Rose Quartz can aid in mending relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself. The transfer of Rose Quartz's nourishing energy allows you to experience the bliss of pure self-love and love of others. It creates a space for compassion to enter and grow, so you may appreciate and love your body and entire being. Understand all of your heart's desires and your deepest passions.

To spread love, we are donating 10% of each sale to INCITE! Women, Gender Non-Conforming, and Trans people of Color Against Violence is a national activist organization of radical feminists of color advancing a movement to end violence against women of color and our communities through direct action, critical dialogue and grassroots organizing.