Please carefully read our Policies page as well as the below FAQ.

I purchased 2 Day Shipping but my package took four days to arrive. Why?

After you complete you purchase, it may take 72 hours to process the order prior to shipment. This allows us to thoroughly inspect each product before shipping and perfect your package. After your order is processed, you will be sent an email with your tracking number through USPS for the delivery time you chose at checkout.

My package says it was delivered but I have not received it and believe it is lost or stolen. Can I be sent another package?

If you believe your package has been lost or stolen you must contact USPS or the delivery service in your area immediately for support. We do not have the ability to assist you in finding lost or stolen packages and we are not liable for the loss of a lost or stolen package.

My product appears to have cracks and/or scratches. Is it safe to use?

Due to the nature of our products (crystal), some stones may contain surface level indentations. In order to keep our products safe to use internally and completely natural, we do not treat our crystals with fillers/resins. Shallow surface level indentations as well as minor cosmetic scratches are fine as long as they do not have sharp edges. If you are concerned, you may send us photos for us to provide to our quality control experts.

If you are eligible for a return, all original packaging (including exterior and interior protection) must be included upon arrival back to NYMPH NYC.