Kind Words

“Honestly MOON is the best thing I own right now. I even sleep with it under my pillow because I get awful dreams. It has helped so much, especially going through a crappy break up. Where normally I’d feel really negative, hurt, broken etc. I’m just taking the time to learn about myself and heal."

"The Magic Wand was my best friend for YEARS. I didn't realize that I was actually losing clitoral sensation and each orgasm left me feeling empty... what was the point? My first experience using BLUSH actually redefined my beliefs about how an orgasm should feel. It was a slow, ecstatic, full body wave of love and warmth! I didn't know this level of pleasure was even possible, so thank you!!!"

"It is a few days of self care and rest. This is something I've cultivated with my crystal from you. I brought it with me to the ER to keep dark anxiety and bad habits away! You and your vision and message help so much. I am grateful to have crossed paths! My heart is so full. Sending wonderful energy!!"

"BLUSH CURVE allows you to slow down and enjoy yourself, really focusing on the rhythm and warmth of your body. Thank you for this beautiful gift and helping me get in touch with my mind and body and get to a warm positive space after a rough day. I look forward to using it again in the future."

"Your BLUSH wand has been so fun for my girlfriend and I to use together! It is SO beautiful. I felt the energy of it radiating into the palm of my hands as soon as I opened the box and held it. Finally I feel so damn PROUD to be a woman! BLUSH connected me with my feminine side. It helped me to love my body. I am so grateful for this product and for NYMPH NYCs work. I'm so excited to get another one already!! So, thank you, thank you! ❤"

"I've had a pretty horrible history with different men that are no longer in my life. I was holding onto a lot of guilt and shame. I was afraid to be with another parter and I was ashamed of my body. When I used MOON for the first time, I let out so much guilt and pain that was stuck inside my womb hidden. I cried and then I felt so relieved. My connection with MOON is so strong. It changed my life. I have been using BLUSH rose quartz lately as well, and my heart is opening up to my new partner. Thank you so much for this gift."