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Review: Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker

I am a huge fan of drinking coffee. Being with experts and attempting to achieve the ultimate coffee experience is what makes me smile. Do you know what else I love but? A nice cup that is placed in my hand with minimal or effort. Press a button or two andvoila! bam!!–a fresh , clean cup waiting to ease me into my day.

If you’re in the low-effort, high-reward camp of coffee I’ve got the perfect machine for you. (If you’d like to play with the machine instead, go to this direction.)

Its Oxo Brew9-Cup Coffee Maker is at the top of many of my most-loved reviews, but it enticed me with particular reasons: pure simplicity. It’s got only one rotating button for controlling after you’ve comfortable with your normal pot, you’ll most likely need to tap it two times to start it up.

When I tried the device while visiting my family on the coast of New Hampshire over the summer and also did some early-morning fishing with my dad The thing I was the most enthusiastic about was the traditional wake-up alarm. For someone who is not morning person it was a significant selling feature. I could grind my beans, prepare the machine in the evening then set the timer and fall asleep. The next morning I could roll from bed pour my travel mug from my freshly-made pot with my fishing pole and set off for the dock. I’d gladly trade in all kinds of whistles, bells, and even a piece of freshness to have that ease.

Review: Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker
Review: Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker

This doesn’t mean that there’s not lots going on under the under the hood. This modest machine has earned the highly sought-after gold certification by the Specialty Coffee Association which guarantees a variety of aspects, such as a constant high temperature of the water (a very common issue for coffee makers) as well as that the water has enough time moving over ground coffee, as well as that the the machines themselves are consistent from one machine from one to another. The Oxo also comes with thermal carafe that ensures that your hot beverage stays hot, rather than glass cups that has a heating element that can turn the coffee into a nasty smell.

As a solid, subtle quality item The Oxo does not draw attention to its own features. The heater and tank fill up the left , while the carafe and basket take up the right. The carafe is solid and sturdy and pours beautifully. It’s silent. Its only (slightly) flashy parts are the illuminated-from-within Oxo logo that appears on the button as well as the indicators that seem to let you know if the brew is ready, or if the carafe isn’t sitting correctly.

High Test

I’d enjoyed Lucas Roasting Co.’s deliciously deep and dark Wind & Water Blend and took the coffee maker in order to visit my fellow members of the Lucas family of three: Troy; Jennica; and their teenage sons, Quinn and Kade, who are the sole employees of their office situated in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Troy and I were able to get up to brass tacks fast making pots of the company’s French blend in his high-end Bunn ICB brewer as well as the Oxo. We made a sloppy mistake immediately, brewing espresso in the Bunn according to Lucas dialed-in specifications, and adhering to the guidelines found in the Oxo manual. The Bunn transformed its Wind & Water into something amazing, but we also learned that Oxo utilizes its Specialty Coffee Association specs for the amount of ground in the cup. This is what I would consider the Incredibly Strong Cup.

“At most in this particular blend, the suggested amount is way over the top,” as Troy delicately stated. He then asked me, “What do you write about when the guidelines for the perfect cup do not offer one?”

Troy and I were both out of time for testing However, he provided me with the ratio of water-to-grounds that is used in the Bunn to allow me to fine-tune at home.

I made a few additional pots of Oxo while keeping the high standards for his Bunn batch at my head. It was not a long time. Just by moving towards the Lucas ratio while keeping all other variables the same I was able to make great improvements. A few pots later I brought a glass to a bench on the dock by the lake, had a sip and was at home.

As I thought on it further, it dawned upon me that that I’d already been using something like this at my grandparents’ house when I first began using the machine. I would grind, say, five cups worth of ground coffee, but then add water to the tank until it reached the seven or six line in the tinkering we do when we purchase an entirely new brewer or kind of coffee.

This is the way we do it when we experiment with a new method of brewing: play with the level of water and grind size, alter the amount of ground, most likely just changing one aspect at one time until we have an excellent cup. In the background it’s the Oxo ensures that the brewing times are just right, the water warm and the grounds evenly saturated. This means that when you have the personal preference tinkering done, you’ll have the perfect cup of coffee for your morning.

Short Pour

Although I love the machine, I have some hopes regarding the next generation, specifically the combination of the top characteristics of this machine and its “little” sister that is that is the Oxo 8-Cup, which I wrote about last year. For one unlike the 8-Cup the controls of the 9-Cup are situated placed on the broad direction of the machine, making it take up counter space which you probably don’t have. Additionally, with the “regular” drip pan, along with an even smaller one that fits within it the 8-Cup can be used as a full pot but also a far more difficult single-cup brewing process. (Cleverly in the case of anything smaller than 4 cups, the 9-Cup will slow the brewing process in order to ensure that the water flows over the ground for longer than the majority of other brewers. With no drip basket however the 9-Cup isn’t as powerful here.)

The flip side is that the 8-Cup does not have the benefit of a clock, meaning you won’t be able to time the pot to wake your sleepy head at the beginning of the day.

Both are fantastic coffee makers. If they were joined, however they’d come close to the perfect home-brewed coffee. I’ve never cracked an exemplary 10 on the reviews I write, however if this machine does ever come to fruition it, I may need to.

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